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Radak Conveyor System

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Growers with taller crop canopies may prefer the Radak® conveyor which comes in three options to suit different canopy shapes and sizes.

The patented air volute design maximises the use of the airflow generated by the 920mm fan, the Radak ensures thorough coverage of the targeted canopy by directing airflow into the foliage from underneath via the bottom wings. The venturi effect opens up the tree canopy to aid spray penetration and coverage.

Silvan’s Radak® conveyor is ideal for tall tree crops such as macadamias, avocados, mangoes, olives, citrus and lychees.


Aluminium construction, double-sided conveyor. Top sections via manual or hydraulic operation adjustable for tree height, bottom wings lift for transport. Patented Air Volute delivery system.


Flip-over type for dilute/concentrate spraying. Ceramic hollow cone jets with 32 twist on/off nozzles (16 per side).